• Dubious protection/CBD PoWPA
    Recent workshops held to assess the Convention on Biological Diversity's Programme of Work on Protected Areas drew attention to the need for space for indigenous and local communities
    SAMUDRA Report No. 55, March 2010
  • Dealing with disasters/Comment
    Rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the wake of natural disasters like the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Chile should adopt a participatory framework
    SAMUDRA Report No. 55, March 2010
  • Building resilience or transformation/ 4SSF
    In the wake of discussions at the Bangkok meets on global small-scale fisheries, it is now time to map out the trajectory of a human-rights approach to small-scale fisheries
    SAMUDRA Report No. 51, November 2008
  • Skimming the cream/Norway: Fuel subsidies
    Norway can realize a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the fishing fleet through changes to the current subsidy regime for fuel and emissions for fishing vessels
    SAMUDRA Report No. 50, August 2008
  • A sustainable, equitable, small-scale fisheries/Traditional communities
    The following statement was issued at the National Summit for Small-scale Fishers, held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during 1-2 November 2007
    SAMUDRA Report No. 48, November 2007
  • On the verge of collapse/Peru Industrial fisheries
    The Peruvian fishing industry is in serious financial crisis, as corporate earnings dwindle
    SAMUDRA Report No. 41, July 2005
  • Waiting for El Nino ! /Climate
    Not all fisherfolk are petrified by the arrival of the El Nino phenomenon, as reports from Peru indicate
    SAMUDRA Report No. 22, April 1999