There is lot of literature on the physical, chemical and biological aspects of climate change, especially relating to oceans and fisheries in specific. However, there has been little focus on the social and economic aspects of climate change on communities, especially fishing communities, who are the most vulnerable amongst all. This annotated "Bibliography" intends to focus on some of the socio-economic impacts on communities, and some of the adaptation and mitigation strategies adapted by countries, and by communities to overcome some of these stresses. The bibliography is searchable by theme, region, keyword, author and title.

There are two themes listed currently "Climate change and adaptation" and "Climate change and fisheries". The work on improving the contents and usefulness of this resource is ongoing and more themes will be subsequently developed, based on your feedback. We, therefore, invite you to send us your feedback and suggestions. We also invite you to inform us about important and interesting documents on climate change that can be included under this resource.