Climate change and adaptation
Gender and Climate Change. In Brief. Bridge Bulletin, Issue 22, November 2011.
  • :Role of Women,Climate change and adaptation
  • :Colombia, India

de Carvalho Freitas, Carlos Edwar, Alexandre A. F. Rivas, Caroline Pereira Campos, Igor Sant’Ana, James Randall Kahn, Maria Angélica de Almeida Correa and Michel Fabiano Catarino. The Potential Impacts of Global Climatic Changes and Dams on Amazon
  • :Climate change and fisheries
  • :Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Williams, M and M. Kalamandeen. Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Communities in Guyana to Climate Change. Open Access Scientific Reports Vol 2(2).
  • :Climate change and adaptation
  • :Guyana

Badjeck, Marie-Caroline. 2008. Vulnerability of coastal fishing communities to climate variability and change: implications for fisheries livelihoods and management in Peru. Dissertation. Universitat Bremen. 227p.
  • :Climate change and fisheries

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