Climate change and adaptation
McNamara, Karen Elizabeth and Shirleen Shomila Prasad, 2013. Valuing Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Fiji and Vanuatu. TKI Bulletin, Topical Issues and Series, July 2013. UNU-IAS.
  • :Climate change and adaptation
  • :Fiji, Vanuatu

Johann D. Bell, Chris Reid, Michael J. Batty, Patrick Lehodey, Len Rodwell, Alistair J. Hobday, Johanna E. Johnson, Andreas Demmke. Effects of climate change on oceanic fisheries in the tropical Pacific: implications for economic development and food
  • :Climate change and fisheries
  • :Pacific Island

Lin, Brenda B, Yong Bing Khoo, Matthew Inman, Chi-Hsiang Wang, Sorada Tapsuwan, Xiaoming Wang. Assessing inundation damage and timing of adaptation: sea level rise and the complexities of land use in coastal communities. Mitigation and Adaptation St
  • :Climate change and adaptation
  • :Australia

Zander, K.K., L. Petheram and S.T. Garnett. Stay or leave? Potential climate change adaptation strategies among Aboriginal people in coastal communities in northern Australia. Natural Hazards, February 2013. 10.1007/s11069-013-0591-4
  • :Climate change and adaptation
  • :Australia

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